Friday, April 22, 2005

Welcome to my blog...!

I have been contemplating a blog for a long time now and political events in Canada lately have caused me to jump in with the rest of you. I can't resist the idea of a forum in which I can vent and share my ideas. Hopefully I can meaningfully contribute to the blogosphere and some will enjoy my posts.

As the title suggests, I love all things political and will write about U.S. and Canadian politics, political figures, current events and maybe some fun stuff too.

I have voted for all of the major political parties in my lifetime but must say I am definitely on the "left" side of the spectrum as it pertains to U.S. politics. My favorite blogs right now, to give you an indication of my influences, are Daily Kos, AmericaBlog, Atrios, pogge, name a few. There are tons of others but I won't bore you with a list right now...

Bear with me as I climb the learning curve and get comfortable with the blog world! Any suggestions are welcomed. Hope it will be an enjoyable experience for all!