Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Et tu, New York Times?

Today's New York Times has a piece, quite prominently displayed on their website, taking the typically American slant of late, questioning Canada's alleged moral superiority among the countries of the world...(requires registration, which is free and well worth it if you have yet to sign up).

The article focusses on such immediate matters as the sponsorship scandal and the goings on in Ottawa - Stronach's defection is mentioned, although not by naming names, curious considering her renown - but also over some latent long-simmering environmental problems. Namely, greenhouse gas emissions and our shameful #1 ranking by the OECD as the top producing nuclear waste member. Apparently we are also the 4th ranked per capita emitter of carbon dioxide (not surprising), but behind the U.S., Australia and that widely known polluter, Luxembourg (yes, Luxembourg, I know, WTF?).

The article also refers to the emerging debate over what exactly Canada's identity is, a topic discussed last week/weekend on the Canada e-blogs website. Indeed the article's title itself seems to be stirring up this debate, "Was Canada Just Too Good to Be True?"...

Interesting to see the prominence accorded to the article, but little more than a poke in our eye from the neighbour down south.