Friday, May 06, 2005

More on the PQ's fantasy break-up

Here is some additional information on the PQ separation study released yesterday. Seems that their latest fantasy on separation calculates that Quebec with 23 % of the Canadian population would end up taking on 18% of the Canadian debt. This is a reiteration of past Quebec positions, notably the 18.5% suggested by Quebec's Belanger-Campeau commission in 1992. The respective responsibility for the debt would clearly be controversial given the disparity between what the rest of Canada would say is Quebec's share, likely @23% (but subject to negotiation) and the 18% Quebec claims is appropriate. Our current national debt is in the neighbourhood of $500 billion and 23% of that figure represents approximately $115 billion. 18% represents only 90 billion leaving a difference of $25 billion. Quebecers would have to consider the reasonableness of this position and how their partners in confederation would likely react. And I'm sure that such realities would be clearly presented by the government of Canada should the need ever arise in the future. For now, let's remind the PQ that their studies and actions will not go unchallenged ... and here's hoping the feds get on the case.