Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mr. Parizeau, you can climb back under your rock for the time being

Jacques Parizeau reappeared on Monday to remind us all of the stakes the current Parliament, as of Monday anyway, was playing with...here he is giving an interview to CTV news, saying the following:

"They know very well the writing is on the wall," he said, also dismissing the federal Clarity Act which demands a clear referendum question as a prerequisite to negotiating terms of separation.
"Can you imagine feds saying we don't like your answers," Parizeau implored, calling such suggestions a "political stunt."
"It's not serious."

Oh, I'm afraid it is serious Jacques. Nice. Bullying your way back on to the scene to threaten the rest of us who have the gall to call out such idiocy. Let's be clear...whatever response a future government of Canada takes in the face of a Quebec referendum question on separation will not be a matter of politics, it will be a matter of constitutional law. Remember that Jacques, the Constitution? Yes, the Clarity Act is a law, and it could be changed, but it is also based on the considered judgment of the Supreme Court in the Secession Reference which if you recall, was actually praised at the time by one Lucien Bouchard. The principles outlined in that opinion embody a reasoned view of the federation that balances the need to respect the rule of law, i.e., the Constitution, and democratic principles. So a referendum alone is not a trump card and never will be. And yes, the federal government will be perfectly entitled to say "we don't like your answers" if the question is once again, for the 3rd time, a charade suggesting an "association" with Canada. Or if a razor thin majority with a questionable percentage of the voting population supports it. Or if the shenanigans occur once again in Montreal where federalists are kept in line for hours on end.

Oh, and thanks for showing up on the eve of the budget vote, you may have actually pushed Belinda Stronach over the edge to joining the Liberals...:)!!!