Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"My name is Stephen Harper": Oh, really? I didn't know that

I know that the last person the Conservatives are likely to take advice from is Warren Kinsella, but he has a point with his recasting of Harper's election plea in a mock ad, here.

But please, if there are any Conservatives out there writing ad scripts, let's not follow Kinsella's advice in one we really need to keep hearing this guy telling us his name? Geez!!! He's been leader of the opposition for almost a year now and has already used this ad formula in the last election. Then it was understandable, first national campaign and all, but shouldn't we know him by now? Or is it just the same old machismo technique that the ad world/political consultants must inflict upon us that is supposed to have us all thinking, oh, this guy really means what he's saying if he's willing to put his name on the line...?!? The "honourable" guy and all, with the music soaring as he tries hopelessly, with that accountant persona, to evoke some sort of emotion from us about what he believes in... So please spare us the name telling and come up with something new and creative in the script as I'm not sure I can take listening to 30+ days of "My name is Stephen Harper" ads!