Thursday, May 19, 2005

No election...for now

Miscellaneous thoughts on the non-confidence vote:

The separatist spectre in Quebec has greatly affected Harper & the Conservatives in the past few weeks. As the polls have come out showing a surge of support for separatism, his alliance with the Bloc to defeat the national government became a significant liability. Stronach recognized this and refused to go along. While the Conservatives may have viewed their pairing up with the Bloc as an alliance only as a technicality and out of necessity to defeat the government, they have been wilfully blind to the effects of their teaming up with the Bloc. The Bloc's desire to defeat the government in order to boost the separatist cause cannot be ignored, no matter that the Conservatives say that it is the Liberals fault, it is a result of adscam, etc. That doesn't matter. What matters is the reality of the separatist threat as it is occurring and re-building right now and sometimes a party has to do the right thing for the country rather than their own ambitions. The federalist options in Quebec are weakened right now and it would be a terrible result if an election were to give the Bloc a stranglehold on Quebec seats.

Quite a dramatic moment when Cadman stood up. A "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" moment. A moment of purity amidst weeks of negativity and cynicism. It looks like he did the right thing. The last few weeks have made people weary about politics and politicians in particular and so he has saved everyone from the election the population doesn't want. And given people a moment of inspiration.

Stronach standing up with the government seemed to be fitting, like she should have been there all along.

Now off to our summer preoccupations, what will we do without the daily shenanigans to write about?