Monday, May 02, 2005

TV Review: the "Runaway Bride" show

I saw a new TV mini-series this weekend, anyone catch it? It was called the "Runaway Bride" starring a young Julia Rogers wannabe. Luckily, it was on all the networks, CNN, MSNBC and especially Fox. Fox seemed to be running this show a lot on the weekend. I particularly enjoyed the part where Greta Van Susteren was outside the home of the runaway bride's fiance once he got news that his bride was OK...well, kind of OK... she had been kidnapped by a nasty packing Hispanic and his caucasian sidekick (at least at that point in the show we were pretty sure she had been kidnapped, gosh) and Greta was all like, "How did you hear the good news?" to all of the 14 groomsmen and 14 bridesmaids who came running to be on TV and especially just to be on Greta's show at 4 a.m. under her media tent. The show was like sooooo good at that point. I mean, why would anyone run away from a family like this?

I never would have guessed that they would throw in that surprise ending though. Gee, I sure didn't see that coming. But I bet the ratings were smashing! Can't wait for the next mini-series!