Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Complete suck-up job courtesy of Faux News

Faux News knows no shame...read the transcript of this Sean Hannity "interview" with Dick Cheney. Completely obsequious.

Just to pick out one vomit-inducing part of the "interview"....Hannity recyles the Newsweek apology for saying the Koran was flushed down the toilet and in doing so gives Cheney another chance to tell people they have to be careful of what they say (do I hear echoes of Ari Fleischer?), that Newsweek was responsible for the rioting in Afghanistan, etc. Never mind his own Joint Chiefs of Staff denied Newsweek had any role in those demonstrations! And never mind that the military came out on a recent Friday evening and admitted that yes, indeed, in effect Newsweek was on to something, the Koran has indeed been mistreated by American military personnel on more than one occasion. But no questioning about that from Hannity.

How about asking him why the administration's press secretary browbeat Newsweek into apologizing and tried his best to editorialize what kinds of stories it should be running about the military's treatment of the Koran, only to have the administration itself admit within days that there had indeed been mistreatment of the Koran? Was this information known at the time that the administration was criticizing Newsweek so vehemently? When did that investigation of Koran abuse begin? Surely not on the heels of the Newsweek story...I'm sure there wouldn't have been enough time to uncover the Koran abuse so quickly, it must have been information the administration had at the time it was castigating Newsweek. This is a good example of what the Bush administration is able to get away with given their majority power in the Congress...there are no congressional investigations possible as the Republicans are in control. And what media does investigate these kinds of issues is largely drowned out in all the mega-multi-media noise. Especially the noise of one major cable news channel...

No wonder that Cheney & Bush will only appear on Faux for these "interviews"...it is the official Republican News Channel after all.