Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Duceppe not running

So Gilles Duceppe will stay in Ottawa, where he has no hope of ever forming a government. Lucien Bouchard saw that and left to go back to lead the PQ. And Duceppe can see how that turned out. Even a most charismatic leader was ultimately unsuccessful at his kick at the can. So why would Duceppe feel he could fare any better? Guess Lucien told him what a morass he'd be getting himself into. While apparently the PQ is having trouble attracting stars, I'm sure they'll soldier on with their misguided cause under someone's leadership. The low expectations certainly won't hurt their new leader.

And nice to see a glimpse of a spark from Charest, taking on the sovereignty issue. He did very well in the last referendum by taking on that issue. And Stephane Dion will tell you that the issue seems to lose its appeal if federalists stand up and debate it head on. Maybe this could prove to be a fortuitous turn of events in the end.