Monday, June 27, 2005

Good article to read today

Interesting article about how the Bush administration is steering in the wrong direction. A number of Republicans are starting to speak out, albeit anonymously here, about the Bush White House pandering to their right wing base yet accomplishing precious little else. The House Republicans sure sound concerned about the 2006 elections.

And the suggestion made in the article is that Democrat strategy is finally starting to pay off...let Bush twist in the wind on his own two feet, don't give him an opponent that he can campaign against. That way, all people have to look at and hear about is Bush and his misguided policies on Social Security reform, Iraq, energy and stem cell research to name a few. Whenever people have a good extended look at him, on his own and without a foil, they disapprove, as noted in many polls of late. And Bush isn't likely to be getting much cooperation from Democrats in the weeks to come. Karl Rove's vitriol saw to that.