Friday, June 03, 2005

Parliament, please go away for a few months

What a mess this Grewal affair has become.

First of all, why is an MP walking around surreptitiously taping another MP and the PM's chief of staff after initiating the meetings? This is a suspicious practice and can only serve to reinforce the distrust and heightened partisanship on Parliament Hill in the wake of a turbulent few weeks. After the week that Stronach crossed the floor, you'd have thought (or hoped) things would have died down a bit. But the intensity is not subsiding, mostly due to this Grewal affair.

There is nothing illegal about Grewal taping this meeting (and apparently he has done this before, in 1995) but it is a very short-sighted move on his part. Politicians need to engender trust, they are supposed to protect and inspire public trust, in an ideal world in which we all live (right?). I wonder how Grewal will now be viewed by his electorate and fellow MP's. Not many of us would appreciate being taped at the best of times.

And now the keystone cops-like incident just gets better and better as there are allegations the tapes have been altered. Can't these Conservatives do anything right? How can they expect people to trust them with running the government when they can't even release the dang tapes without mucking it up!

Having said that, let's let the RCMP investigate and if there is indeed a criminal offence that occurred, then the wrongdoers should be prosecuted.

But the feigned moral indignation just goes nowhere with cynics like myself...didn't Stronach end up with a Grewal-like deal, just without the public record being created? And so why is this so much different? The difference between a Cabinet post and a Senate seat is that much different?

We have been "scandalled" out with Gomery, "politicked" out with the budget vote and Stronach's move and are moving on for the summer....I am for letting the RCMP do its job and dialling it down about 110%...!