Saturday, September 10, 2005

Lawyer Is Fired After Talking About Rove

This lawyer who worked for the Texas Secretary of State appears to have been burned twice, by both the Washington Post and the Texas Secretary of State who fired her, details here.

She answered a call from the Post on tax situation...summarily, Rove inadvertently was claiming a tax deduction in Washington that he apparently was not eligible for as he was registered to vote in Texas.

When this lawyer was interviewed by the Post on the matter, she suggested it could be potential "vote fraud" in Texas to be registered if you don't actually live in the place you claim as a residence. What the Post failed to mention in their initial reporting was this:
Reyes's further explanation that an individual's intent to return to a home owned in Texas is a primary factor in qualifying for residency.
So she was not conclusively saying Rove had engaged in voter fraud, but the Post article seems to have suggested it.

The Texas Secretary of State, Roger Williams, appears to also have interpreted the article this way and his office has subsequently fired her (although they claim it was for her violation of a "media policy").
Reyes told the Post on Friday a superior told her that her bosses were upset about the article. Williams has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Republicans, including President Bush, who relies heavily on Rove for political strategy.
So what is the moral of the story? Be very careful when discussing Karl Rove with the media...first of all, the media may mischaracterize what you say and secondly, if your statements are characterized as anti-Rove, there may be consequences, especially if you work for some of his friends in high places.