Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Operation Blame Blanco: game's on

Make no mistake about it. Despite the White House's protests about not playing the "blame game," is clearly using his henchmen around the U.S. to do his dirty work.

Check out this link to the "Evergreen Freedom Foundation" in Washington State, run by Bob Williams, who appears to be a well-known Republican political hack.

(Started wondering about this guy when he was quoted on "Lou Dobbs Tonight" as being critical of Blanco. Just mentioned as President of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation. If you look at the website though and do any basic research on him, it is pretty easy to discover he is a Republican hack. (I'm sure CNN did this, right?))

On the EFF's website, you will find a link to an op-ed piece written by Bob Williams attacking Blanco which appeared in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday. Mayor Nagin comes in for his share of criticism as well, to be fair. But Williams specifically targets Blanco and pins the deaths of thousands of people squarely on her shoulders due to her alleged failure to get the feds in sooner.

It's really an incredible piece. Wonder if it was drafted in the White House? One of the most significant natural disasters ever to hit the U.S., is underwater and the feds are happy to sit back until they are invited in? Only when all of the legal niceties are looked after?

Expect more of this, through White House surrogates and right-wing think tanks in other parts of the U.S. They won't play the "blame game" themselves, but will have their surrogates do it ruthlessly.