Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A taste of Dowd today

"All the President's Women" is her theme today:
I hope President Bush doesn't have any more office wives tucked away in the White House.

There are only so many supremely powerful jobs to give to women who are not qualified to get them.
Condi Rice, Karen Hughes, Harriet Miers...Dowd has zeroed in on the odd coincidence of so many "bachelorette" women in W's Presidency who have devoted substantial parts of their lives to his career advancement. In her words, "... W. loves being surrounded by tough women who steadfastly devote their entire lives to doting on him, like the vestal virgins guarding the sacred fire, serving as custodians for his values and watchdogs for his reputation." Pretty tough words. Humourous, in the spirit of the pile on these days. And very cleverly written, as always. But I must say, if these were men I'm sure there would not be any attention drawn to their devotion to their candidate.

With this column, Dowd gives a big assist to the growing characterization of the Miers appointment as a patronage reward...