Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Way to make a girl feel special

Title of the article says it all: Miers Chosen After Others Withdrew, White House Says. McClellan, however, insists she was Bush's first choice. He of the "Rove and Libby were not involved" whopper. Tell us another one Mr. Propaganda.

What to make of this latest spin? Others withdrew and she's an evangelical Christian. Hmmm. She's all we had, she's a woman and she's religious. The defense of this nominee gets worse by the day, like they are being backed into a corner. And to be relying on her religion as a principal qualification for her being nominated is an outrage. The damage done to the separation of church and state by the Bush administration is galling beyond belief. It's gotten out of their control, with Dobson et al. in the wings, blathering on with their unhelpful background comments that end up dominating the daily news on this. The behind the operation is clearly missing and the White House operation appears to be showing it on a daily basis.