Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bush's thug,Wilkins, speaks out

So Bush's is speaking out during our federal election campaign:Stop slamming U.S., Washington warns Martin. I can't use the language I'd really like to as I really don't want to lose all sense of decorum on the Impolitical site. Some readers don't like swearing.

Having said that, let's remember that the vaunted U.S. ambassador to Canada earned his position by tarring and feathering John McCain in the 2000 South Carolina primary. Polling stations in Greenville, S.C. mysteriously weren't open during voting during that primary back in 2000. And to no one's surprise, Greenville was the fiefdom of the honourable Mr. Wilkins. The McCain campaign cried foul over this. They also cried foul over the portrayal of McCain as having an illegitimate black child, being mentally imbalanced, etc., etc., etc. This is the kind of electoral politics that Mr. Wilkins plays. And he was a crucial player for Bush in winning that primary. And so he was a key person who helped bring W to the White House. Thanks for that Mr. Wilkins, the world owes you big time.

So while your own electoral politics are sleazy and you think you can say anything you like, your telling us to watch what we say in the midst of our election won't fly. For your democracy is broken, my friend.

Corrupt lobbyists like your Republican pal, Jack Abramoff, buy meetings at the White House for millions of dollars. Exemplary leaders like Tom DeLay rig the Texas electoral boundaries to bolster a political majority in the House of Representatives, a plan which the Department of Justice said was in violation of the Voting Rights Act yet was OK'd to proceed by political superiors...your Pentagon buys political propaganda in Iraq and yes, even in your very own newspapers, paying columnists like Armstrong Williams to shill for your Orwellianly named laws like "Leave No Child Behind"...shall we go on Mr. Wilkins? You know what they say about those who live in glass houses...

I hope that your comments only ratchet up the volume from Paul Martin and other leaders. So thanks for helping them out in this election campaign, at that. American influence is like kryptonite to Superman here. Didn't you learn anything from your predecessor, the condescending Cellucci? Many of us simply don't care what you think about us at this point. Your nation is run, to quote Colin Powell's former deputy, by a cabal of neocons. What are you going to do? Close the border again on another product? Show the world one more time that the U.S. doesn't abide by the rules that other nations do? Embarrass yourself the way your government did in Montreal last week?

Thanks but no thanks, Mr. Wilkins. We'll look after our election by ourselves. If you don't like it, feel free to put in with W for a transfer to a friendlier nation - that is, if you can find one.