Saturday, December 03, 2005

Last gasp for Pirro

Here's an update on one of the races watched by this blog, the formerly much vaunted Pirro-Clinton matchup. Pirro Won't Drop Senate Race vs. Clinton despite the writing being on the wall:
"Clearly the only person who doesn't know that the Pirro for Senate race is over is Jeanine Pirro," said Michael Long, state Conservative Party chairman. "There's a meltdown taking place here and she's not aware of it."
Speculation that Pirro might quit the race has been running high since Tuesday, when state Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, the Legislature's top Republican, said she should give up her Senate bid and run instead for New York attorney general, a job Democrat Eliot Spitzer is leaving to run for governor.
No one is likely to defeat Clinton here, it's a question of who the Repubs can put up against her to try to inflict some damage before '08. Get her to spend some money and take some test shots. That's what it's all about. And Pirro can't do it, apparently, in the eyes of the New York Conservatives. Guess will have to dig out the Rolodex and tap the next candidate with the most capacity to cause damage? Gotta be someone out there who can do the dirty work for the master?

Another minor lesson to be learned here, you can look good on paper as a candidate but you still have to run the race. And this one apparently will not even make it to the starting line.