Sunday, December 11, 2005

Some Australia photos

The impressive Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you look carefully at the top arc of the arch, on the left side of the photo, just beyond the concrete gateway (about a cm up from it), you can make out tiny figures (approximately 10)...this is a tour group of people. For @$150-200 you can climb to the top of the arch. Impolitical thinks these people are out of their freakin' minds.

Eye catching newspaper headlines displayed at a news stand on the Rundle shopping mall plaza in the city of Adelaide.

A much needed instruction, painted on the street corners of most busy streets in Sydney, for travellers who are conditioned to look in the opposite direction for oncoming traffic.

Brightly painted beach "houses" on Brighton beach, a suburb of Melbourne. People pay over $100,000 for these.

Kangaroo at the Healesville wildlife sanctuary outside Melbourne. What trip to Australia would be complete without a shot of its most famous resident?