Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sydney blogging

Posting has been light, I haven't had the time or access to a computer that I'd like, so apologies for the lack of updates!

Went out and about in Sydney this afternoon for a few hours, that's all the time I've had to explore so far in this city! It is as hot as an oven in this city. You walk down the street and you'll experience a hot blast of strong wind. It sounds bad but it's not as humid as the Toronto heat. It's a beautiful clear and hot day today, quite a bit hotter than Melbourne was.

I appreciate the reminders, painted on the street at each street corner, as you wait for the lights to change, telling you to "Look Left" or "Look Right"...for the North Americans, this is an important reminder as we're so used to looking for oncoming traffic from the opposite direction.

Have yet to hit the Sydney tourist spots, possibly tonight or tomorrow morning, then it's off to Adelaide before the trek home on Saturday. Good news on that front, the Impolitical husband has finagled an upgrade from Business to First Class on the long leg from Sydney to LA. Can't imagine what First Class will be like, Business was outstanding on the journey over!

A real dearth of American news over here. The pages of the Australian, for example, are concerned with Iraq news and terrorist issues of relevance to Australia. Asian trials of Australians are also big news, where their use of the death penalty is coming under fire by the Australian government and people. The Commonwealth games occur in Melbourne in March and that's big news along with high security preps. Recall that an Al Qaeda spokesman mentioned Melbourne as a target, at some point in the past six months, and so they're leaving little to chance, using Blackhawk helicopters during the games apparently to patrol the skies.

That's it for now, off to dinner...