Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The "All Terror All the Time" Tour

Details here. Bush's central message, fear, fear and oh, did I mention fear?
Today, he spent most of his time explaining why the United States should not give up its war on terror, as several polls show public support for the war in Iraq is waning and his own approval ratings hover in the low 40's.

"The enemy is a bunch of cold-blooded killers" who have "perverted a great religion," he said.

"They have stated clearly their desire to hurt us," he said.
And for good measure, he threw in a dose of "bully" as well:
"There's too much politics up there," he said about Washington. "I want the Democrats on Capitol Hill to hear loud and clear, I want a bipartisan solution on mandatory and entitlement spending for the sake of future generations of Americans."
Hear that Democrats? The 39% President is issuing orders on what he wants done...I'm sure they'll get right on it...