Thursday, February 16, 2006

The AP bottom line

On the key question:
Cheney said he had had a beer at lunch that day but nobody was drinking when they went back out to hunt a couple hours later. Law enforcement officials have ruled out alcohol as a factor, but have not explained how they determined it was not involved.
(emphasis added)
This last line of this AP piece is indeed the bottom line. and his party have said, "Trust me" to the local law enforcement and that's all, by the next day, that anyone could do. This deputy who conducted the interviews was instructed by his boss to report to the ranch the next day. And we know from yesterday that the Secret Service version is that they would make Cheney available immediately but that the Sheriff "agreed to wait until Sunday." It's all been hung on that local sheriff, it was his decision to wait until the next day.

Well, Dick, the question of whether you were under the influence will remain unanswered for all time, it appears. Hope you're able to live with that cloud, there's nothing you can do about it now.