Monday, February 13, 2006

Attention: Firebrand wingnut on the loose

Looky here, right on cue, Karl's minion is breathing fire as he speaks: Likely Challenger Lashes Out at Clinton. Who's supposed to be the angry one in your story line, ? Seems to me that your little handpuppet may foil that line of strategy if he keeps uttering such extremist gems:
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's likely Republican Senate race challenger charged Monday that the New York Democrat's criticism of the Bush administration "aids and abets our enemies" in the battle against terrorism.
Recycling oldies but goodies out of the Rovian playbook I see, she's not patriotic. This guy is right out of the McCarthy mold. Must be why Karl's so big on him. On the Patriot Act:
"I wish we had it before 9-11," said the former mayor of Yonkers. "And, I wish we had an administration in Washington that wasn't an appeasing, liberal, whining administration in the 90's that allowed the terrorists to build up the way they built up."
Earth to Spencer, you're in New York where the are, frankly, a lot more popular than the current crowd of ideologues you prefer. Keep talking about the 90's in the campaign, I must say that might be a good strategy you have there. What was it about peace and prosperity that you didn't like? And a final jab from the peanut gallery:
"We're going against the International Bank of Clinton," Spencer told the Conservative Party leadership.
Wha? We'll just let that one go. Smacks of some international, black-helicopter, UN hating conspiracy theory or something.

All in all, it's quite a high calibre of candidate you've offered us, Karl, you must be so proud.