Thursday, February 09, 2006


Froomkin nails it on Bush's much-hyped speech of today. Speaking of a supposed disruption of a 2002 plot, Bush today"...with much fanfare disclosed new details about the thwarting of a terrorist hijacking plot four years ago." Froomkin asks the million dollar question:
Why is the White House suddenly offering all these details, even though they are unrelated to the central issue preoccupying official Washington, namely whether Bush's secret surveillance plan is illegal?

Could it just be an attempt to change the subject?
Here a terror episode, there a terror episode...conveniently doled out when congress is scrutinizing the legality of your administration's actions and the heat gets a little much. Once Republicans, like Heather Wilson, start turning on you, it's time to start reeling off the terror plots and hyping the fear to get the American public on side. They cannot lose the next congressional elections and today was a reminder of just how far willing to go.