Monday, February 20, 2006

A choking from last week

It's never too late to see one of the Bush spinners case you missed it last week, Imus called out Mary Matalin:
She was on the Don Imus radio program the next morning, and promptly got into a heated argument about Mr. Cheney with the host.

"He didn't shoot Harry on purpose, but you're handling this horribly and you're just trying to spin me," Mr. Imus said, adding that he wanted to know why the vice president had a beer at the ranch at lunch, as Mr. Cheney told Fox News.

"What are you, his nanny?" Ms. Matalin shot back.
That's just a taste (full interview/choking here). Imus really put her full-steamroller spin on ice. He does have his way of putting people neatly into their boxes when he wants.

Addendum: Just saw Matalin on MTP...what a freak show that was indeed...kudos to David Gregory and Maureen Dowd for handily putting the contrary view front and center, and with aplomb!