Monday, February 13, 2006

The curious case of Dick shooting his friend

More Questions Raised About Delay in Reporting Cheney Misfire in E&P today, quoting Frank James of the Chicago Tribune:
"When a vice president of the U.S. shoots a man under any circumstance," James noted, "that is extremely relevant information. What might be the excuse to justify not immediately making the incident public?

"The vice president is well-known for preferring to operate in secret....Some secrecy, especially when it comes to the executing the duties of president or vice president, is understandable and expected by Americans.

"But when the vice president's office, or the White House, delays in reporting a shooting like Saturday's to the public via the media, it needlessly raises suspicions and questions of trust. And it may just further the impression held by many, rightly or wrongly, that the White House doesn't place the highest premium on keeping the public fully and immediately informed."
And listen to this negligent response from a Cheney spokesperson on why they waited to make the news of the Cheney shooting public only after the news media inquired:
Asked by The New York Times why it did not make the news known, Cheney spokeswoman McBride said, "We deferred to the Armstrongs regarding what had taken place at their ranch."
So if it had been the other way around, for example, and the millionaire attorney had shot Cheney, then you would have deferred to the ranch owners on "what had taken place at their ranch"? How about if it were a criminal matter? Do the property owners get to decide what becomes public and what doesn't?

I'd also like to hear more about this:
In an odd disparity, Armstrong told the Houston Chronicle that Whittington, 78, was "bruised more than bloodied" in the incident and "his pride was hurt more than anything else." Yet he was airlifted to a hospital and has spent more than a day in an intensive care unit.
"Armstrong" is the person who owns the ranch where the shooting extravaganza took place on Saturday. Sounds like someone's trying to do damage control and this poor friend of Cheney is in worse condition than they're letting on. Intensive care doesn't sound like a "bruised more than bloodied" situation. And no local law enforcement involved apparently. This just reeks.