Saturday, February 04, 2006

Don't you be like me

That role model of a leader, that inspirational man, at it again:
As he sought to inspire students to excel in disciplines such as engineering and physics, Bush played on, rather than ignored, his own background as a so-so student, prep school cheerleader and hard-partying fraternity president.

With freewheeling folksiness, Bush joked that he himself could use a tutor in math. And, in a reference to his reputation for mangling the spoken word, English as well.

"A lot of people probably think math and science isn't meant for me — you know, it seems a little hard, algebra," Bush said to laughter from his invitation-only crowd at Intel. "I understand that, frankly."
And can't you just hear him as one of the jock, cool legacy guys making fun of the geeks, echoing in these words of today:
Bush then turned to the social pitfalls sometimes associated with enthusiasm for certain subjects.

"Take a look at math and science. I'm sure they're saying, you know kind of, `They're nerd patrol,'" the president said. "It's not. It's the future. The future is engineering and physics and chemistry and math."
Do as I say, not as I Jack Nicholson's character said to the dog in As Good as it Gets, "Don't you be like me..."