Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dubya delinquent on Dubai

Seems there's a might of damage control being done today on the burgeoning debacle, White House Says Bush Played No Role in Port Deal - New York Times:
"The White House said today that President Bush had not been aware of the pending takeover by a state-owned company in Dubai of port terminal operations in several American cities, but that the deal had been thoroughly reviewed by a dozen or more federal agencies.

The chief White House spokesman, Scott McClellan, said inaccurate news reports had created the impression that the Dubai company 'would be in control of our ports, and that is a false impression.'

Nevertheless, Mr. McClellan said, it seems clear in hindsight that, given the widespread hostility to the arrangement, 'we probably should have briefed members of Congress about it sooner.'

As soon as Mr. Bush became aware of the growing furor, Mr. McClellan said, he interviewed all Cabinet officials whose departments had to review the transaction. 'And each and every one expressed that they were comfortable with this transaction going forward,' Mr. McClellan said." (emphasis added)
Delegate at your peril, Dubya.

Another lesson in what happens when you elect an incompetent to office. Surround him with the "best and brightest" said his minions during many elections past. He'll be fine if all he does is sign-off on expertly made decisions. But there's weakness at the top, where the lack of strong, focussed leadership becomes sorely apparent at moments like these. Just who is running this show, anyway?