Sunday, February 12, 2006

I hope this matters

Powerful editorial in the NYTimes today,"The Trust Gap." Makes a strong case, as they have been doing consistently of late, about the failings of the Bush administration on three fronts: domestic spying, abuses at U.S. military prison camps and the Iraq disaster. The Times has been excellent lately in stirring public opinion against Bushocracy and this is no exception.

What I sincerely hope results, however, is that people take action and commit to taking back the power from the Repubs who hold all the levers in Washington right now. The national Democratic leaders, in particular, have to do what Harry Reid is saying they will, and roll out that agenda of opposition and sing it from the rooftops. They have yet to galvanize the opposition to the Iraq war effectively as a result of their initial support for that war, despite all of the policy foibles that have been committed by the Bushites. They need to get over that initial stumble, the rest of us have.

So when I see editorials like this, I feel solace but am not fully hopeful that change will occur. The Republican weapons of mass propaganda are so finely polished and revved up by , and the gang, that unless the Democrats bring more than a knife to the gun fight, we're in for more of the same. The world's leading democracy, continuing to be injured by its caretakers and taking the brand name down with it...