Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I like it

You have to hand it to Hillary and her advisers, they know how to brush off Rovian chicanery: Clinton Says Bush Adviser Obsesses About Her and '08 - New York Times. I like this characerization of et al. as obsessed. The more they attack her, the more this view is vindicated. And they'll start worrying about their own optics in attacking her. Nice little pre-emptive "back off, Karl" move going on.

She is right, of course. Karl is obsessed with her. He can't find a worthy or competent candidate in the entire state of New York to take her on. He had one, Jeanine Pirro, but he couldn't unify Republicans behind her. So now poor Karl is effectively left as the candidate himself, putting words in the mouth of his handpuppet, John Spencer. See article:
Earlier this month, John Spencer, the former mayor of Yonkers and the only declared Republican candidate for the Senate, said he had met with Mr. Rove's aides at the White House.
Make no mistake about it, Karl is the virtual Senate candidate here and he's going to do his best to tar Hillary before '08. His Regnery press onslaught is just more evidence he's started already...