Sunday, February 19, 2006

Last word to the sheriff

Apparently in Texas, if you know the local law enforcement, you can get away with quite a bit. So suggests the crack local sheriff in charge of the Cheney "investigation," quoted here:
"The sheriff, in that article, had explained why he did not rush to the ranch that night. 'We've known these people (witnesses) for years. They are honest and wouldn't call us, telling us a lie,' Salinas said. 'I talked to an eyewitness who said it was a definite accident. We knew Mr. Whittington was being cared for.'"
Are you interested in the least, Mr. Sheriff, as to why that accident occurred? Would that be a relevant consideration for law enforcement? Is it acceptable behaviour for a hunting party to drink, with say, some of the members getting drunk, to the extent that it impairs their faculties? Then someone ends up getting shot? Is that a definite "accident" too? Such a scenario may have happened here, we don't know, thanks to the gullible local sheriff.

But as we all must conclude from the sheriff's remarks, what apparently counts in his neck of the woods is who is telling you what happened, not what actually may have happened...