Monday, February 06, 2006

NSA hearings start today

So here are some words from Bob Herbert that are appropriate context for the day:
Until recently, no one was above the law in the U.S., not even the president. Richard Nixon was threatened with impeachment and run out of town for thumbing his nose at the Constitution. Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath about his sex life.

The Bush administration, by exploiting the very real fear of terrorism, and with the connivance of Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, has run roughshod over constitutional guarantees that had long been taken for granted. The prohibition against cruel and inhuman punishment? Habeas corpus? The right to face one's accuser? When it suits the Bush crowd, such protections are simply ignored.
Here's hoping that Arlen Specter's words of yesterday do not prove to be lip service to effective oversight but that the serious issues raised by this NSA spying program are thoroughly and effectively probed. And that the Bush administration is not given a pass, again, by this pathetic Republican majority...