Wednesday, February 01, 2006

On Giuliani, an update

After appearance with tonight, a few thoughts come to mind...

First of all, if he were to end up as the Republican nominee for 2008, I think the Democrats could do a lot worse in terms of a challenger. If you watched him during his bit with Matthews, you just might have found yourself thinking, "Hey, this guy's a bit of a weirdo." With his eyes frequently flashing wide open - what's that about? - and talking over Matthews a number of times, he clearly gave the impression of being nervous.

And secondly, he did not seem completely on top of security issues, his supposed forte. He gave a muddling and average response to Matthews when asked whether he agreed with Bush's notion that the 9/11 terrorists could have been stopped had they been conducting the kind of eavesdropping that they're currently doing and which has become controversial, to say nothing of its questionable legality. Giuliani fuddled it and mumbled something that got him a pass, but it certainly wasn't impressive stuff.

Foot in the mouth Rudy seemed to make a bit of an appearance as well. The "what a great guy" I am thing reared its head as he inexplicably mentioned that at the time he was first elected Mayor the movie "Rudy" also came out at that time. A strangely awkward attempt to link himself to a favorite movie in response to a cryptic comment by Matthews about Giuliani's last name made for just plain old uncomfortable TV.

Finally, if he were to become the Republican nominee, beyond these personal eccentricities he may have, it's worth remembering that really he's another one-trick pony in the Bush mould. He's got his 9/11 laurels and he's going to ride any "glory" that brought to him all the way through his campaign. How long can that honestly last? We all know what happened to Bush's halo during Katrina. Events unplanned might occur which could also burst Rudy's bubble. And people may be a little tired of the constant campaign of "fear" by the time '08 rolls around. If people aren't so afraid, Giuliani's glow diminishes.

Seriously, Democrats could end up with much worse opponents, something to think about.