Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Repubs in lock-step

The strategy:
Cheney himself should make a public appearance on the matter, and the sooner the better. He should get himself with a respected national anchor — perhaps Brit Hume of Fox News — as soon as this evening to express his regret and explain in his own words what happened. He should stop relying on press aides who were not present at the accident to tell his side of the story. Not talking only feeds speculation, and aids the cause of those who want to lampoon and smear him. Let's hear from the vice president.
And whammo, Cheney is on with Brit Hume on Fox this the Republican media outlets and pols are falling into line. Like the damage done to the Bush administration after their faltering in response to Katrina, however, the perception of favoritism and incompetence has set in once more and there's no undoing that.