Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rookie Minister mistake watch

Someone is going to learn fairly quickly the need for subtlety in international diplomacy, "MacKay apologizes for raising hopes of hostages' families":
"Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay has apologized to the families of the two Canadian hostages being held in Iraq after suggesting he had new information about their fate.

MacKay told reporters on Monday he was confident the hostages were alive and would be released soon, and that he believed they had been moved several times.

The next day, he told reporters he had no new information since a video was released three weeks ago that indicated they were alive and well."
The much vaunted Peter MacKay may be in over his head in foreign affairs. Is there the intellectual heft here that the nuances and delicacies of international diplomacy requires? We shall see. The Nova Scotia lawyer MP is new to the foreign affairs desk, and such mistakes may be inevitable. This was no doubt the job requested by MacKay to burnish his international credentials for future leadership aspirations. And Harper has agreed to enable his learning on the job. File under the rookie minister mistake watch...