Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Silly Ken Mehlman

GOP Chair Says Clinton Turns Off Voters - Yahoo! News.


What are you doing? Drawing attention to presidential ambitions? Painting her as angry? Don't you realize how absurd you sound? Out of the blue, tagging a U.S. Senator as "angry" seems a little strange. First of all, it's not really an accurate description of Hillary's constitution. If anything, she's one cool character who's plenty capable of controlling her emotions. Did you miss the 90's, Ken?

Secondly, you appear tres defensive by singling her out for such a labelling at this point. Why on earth would you do so unless you felt a need to start defining her character years in advance of '08. That suggests she's formidable and you know it.

Silly Ken.

Drawing attention to Hillary's candidacy in such a ham-handed way. Maybe you guys really don't know how to handle her candidacy after all. All in all, a very gauche effort.