Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Silly Kristof

Kristof today, dreaming in technicolour, has four suggestions for Bush to kick start his pathetically mired, 39% approved of presidency:
• It's time for Dick Cheney to announce that he must resign because of poor health. His approval rating is only 29 percent, and his replacement could presumably be somebody far more popular, like Condoleezza Rice.

• Don Rumsfeld should also step down. And just as President Clinton appointed a Republican as secretary of defense, Mr. Bush should appoint a Democrat, like Sam Nunn.

• Mr. Bush should publicly admit mistakes and reach out more to Democrats, and even his critics. Mr. Bush has taken a few steps in this direction in his second term, but not enough.

• Mr. Bush should emphasize policy goals that can generate bipartisan support. Mr. Bush's recent push for alternative energy sources was a fine example of that, as are his efforts to organize a U.N. peacekeeping force to stop genocide in Darfur. A trip to Africa to meet Darfur refugees and see how U.S. programs are fighting AIDS and poverty would help build bridges to critics at home and abroad."
What are the chances of any of these items being taken seriously by and his gang? Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe no chance. If Bush were to attempt any of these, hell would surely be freezing over and pigs flying through our fair skies...

Dick Cheney is not resigning, he is, for all intents and purposes, the President, or "shadow President" if you will. How do you replace the guy who's doing all the work? And he's the icon for the base. And we all know how the base dominates every consideration undertaken by Rove in this administration.

Don Rumsfeld is not resigning, he's also powerfully situated and running things handily, in W's poor, dim eyes. Replacing Rumsfeld would be tantamount to Bush admitting his Iraq policy is misguided. And speaking of such things...

Bush publicly admitting mistakes? That's going to evoke countless peals of laughter around the world...the bully boy thinks he walks on water and if anyone doesn't like his policies, they're just "playing politics," as he so peevishly likes to put it. Reach out more to Democrats? Like crazy Zell Miller, maybe.

As for the last point, emphasizing policy goals that might get bipartisan support...a very difficult task given the bashing of Democrats for being unpatriotic, against the troops, weak pre-9/11 partisans who jeopardize national security by asking nervy questions during pesky congressional oversight...nah, I think that bipartisan bridge thing has been burned long before now...

This gang doesn't like advice from anyone, let alone the NYTimes "smart set" as Mary "Madalin" put it so smugly on MTP Sunday...so Impolitical, once again, is not holding her breath on any of these helpful suggestions coming to fruition. And it'll look just fine from where a lot of us are sitting.