Wednesday, February 01, 2006

To all the Tim Kaine bashers

I had never seen or heard speak until tonight's response to the SOTU and was pleasantly surprised. He spoke effectively and with an eloquent simplicity. And simplicity is not a quality frequently associated with a Democratic standard bearer's style. He said "we can do better" or "together we can do better" or "there's a better way" I'd venture about 20 times in the space of just over 10 minutes or so. Not a bad way to go about creating a theme or crafting a message for the '06 elections. This is an improvement. Joe Scarborough kept harping on creating a "Brand X" during MSNBC coverage why all the complaining about Kaine's rebuttal? Don't the talking heads recognize what he was attempting to do? Heard Arianna criticizing on CNN. Heard Chris Matthews immediately trash Kaine, quite unfairly and harshly I thought. (Matthews really seems to be going off the rails by the way...more on that in a bit.) So what is the problem? If the Democrat had rebutted Bush point by point, there'd be complaints the Democrats are just reactionaries without their own agenda. When they begin to create a theme, like the "we can do better" theme, they haven't done enough, it's too general, too mushy and the Democrats didn't take it to the President. The media clearly have their story line on the Democrats - no leaders, no policies, courtesy of Ken, and the gang. Let them have it. I'd be willing to bet that Kaine's well-spoken manner and simple message resonated with a lot of viewers.