Thursday, April 27, 2006

Back by popular demand

It's ba-ack...

There is so much interest in this picture from around the world, there's really an opportunity for the originator to make something of it. Have at it people, and may see this again in the future, should the occasion present itself, heh heh...

As for yesterday's Rove developments, let's wait and see. The spin from Rove's counsel, no doubt, to the Washington Post is that he would have been stupid to lie.
Rove testified, in essence, that "it would have been a suicide mission" to "deliberately lie" about his conversation with Cooper because he knew beforehand that it eventually would be revealed, the source said.
Yes, so smart, the all-knowing one knew his conversation with Matt Cooper from Time would become public so he'd have to be an idiot to lie. Yeah, come on Fitz, stop wasting this honest John's time! I mean, Rove just oozes honesty and integrity, are you blind, man?...yep, that line of argument could be a problem...

Elsewhere, there's tons of speculation about whether he's a "target" or not...some say yes, sources have said he received such a notification. Others say no, p*%# off, we deny, deny, deny that claim. So that's a bit of a puzzler.

When you testify five times in front of a grand jury, you better be telling the truth, that's my bottom line. From everything that's been reported, it's hard to think that's the case. If Rove has tried to play fast and loose with the process, like he allegedly has done before, Fitzgerald is unlikely to have been bamboozled.

Until the truth outs, let the speculation continue.