Monday, May 15, 2006


Is he losing it?
"He dismissed independent polls showing Bush's job approval ratings reaching new lows and said the polls he believes are those conducted by the Republican National Committee.

'And I look at those polls all the time,' Rove said. 'The American people like this president. His personal approval ratings are in the 60s. Job approval is lower. And what that says to me is that people like him, they respect him, he's somebody they feel a connection with, but they're just sour right now on the war. And that's the way it's going to be.'"
Laura doesn't believe bad polls, only believes those conducted by Republicans. Completely disconnected from reality. The latest NYTimes/CBS poll had Bush's favorability at 29%, with a 55% unfavourable rating. Yet Karl dismisses such polls out of hand. Such "spin" used to sound crafty, like Karl knew something we didn't. These days, with Bush's ratings tanking on all counts, on all issues, he just sounds like a buffoon. Of course he's loyal to the end, and he'll be doing his damnedest, barring indictment, to ensure a Republican victory in November. But Bush's track record of late is nothing to crow about and Rove has a lot to do with that...he's not unbeatable. He's driven his guy's ratings right into the ground.