Friday, May 26, 2006

A good question about Cheney

From David Shuster's reporting on the CIA leak investigation:
JONATHAN TURLEY, GW law center: "Everything ends up at Dick Cheney's desk. His right hand man is indicted, he's intimately involved in the Niger allegation with the weapons of mass destruction. He's the one who seems to have instructed Libby. The biggest question is not whether he will be called as a witness, but why he wasn't a co-conspirator."
Good question indeed. I'm not sure we have a final answer on that one yet....

Here's more from Turley, suggesting the possibility that Cheney's role may yet become more prominent in this investigation:
"Sometimes, prosecutors will not indict someone in the hopes that a former colleague will flip, like Scooter. But I gotta tell you, they can't wait until the cows come home, Scooter Libby is not going to flip on Dick Cheney."