Monday, May 22, 2006

Joementum in trouble

Krugman's, "Talk-Show Joe" column today really paints a stark picture for Lieberman as he embarks upon his unanticipated primary fight against challenger Ned Lamont. For those who haven't been following the Lamont challenge to Lieberman, Krugman provides some keen observations as to why Lieberman's in trouble. Essentially, Joe's become a caricature. The Democrat who agrees with the Repubs on many, if not most, issues. His moderate thing, don't ya know, that has become quaintly out of date as Rove et al. have forced every party member to man their battle stations in the face of his partisan onslaught. Joe has apparently missed this development, and his constituents voiced their restlessness on Friday, when they sent Joementum a message to the tune of 33% support to his challenger, Ned Lamont.

Krugman cites Lieberman's continued support of the Iraq war and his rosy optimism about it, his hueing to Republican Social Security talking points during Bush's failed efforts to set up "private accounts," his support for intervention in the Terri Schiavo congressional debacle...remember all those gems? Well if ya don't, Krugman's laid it all bare in a national column to remind everyone.

Joe's "moderation" has meant he's been offside with his party, for the most part. And Krugman delivers a hearty blow with this reminder:
And let's not forget that Mr. Lieberman showed far more outrage over Bill Clinton's personal life than he has ever shown over Mr. Bush's catastrophic failures as commander in chief.
Yeah, Joementum has a bit of a job ahead of him. Turn on the Democrat partisan thrust blasters from now 'till primary day. Should be interesting to watch from here on in.