Saturday, May 20, 2006

John McCain, what happened?

One more observation on this story: "McCain Finds Unfriendly Audience in NYC." This was not a helpful event for . For all the talk/spin that getting booed by liberal students at a liberal university helps him with the Republican conservative base, it was actually a high profile, nationally covered event in which a student commencement speaker outshone him. Instead of rising to the moment and addressing the incredible wave of opposition in front of him, he stuck to the prepared text. Is this the vaunted leader that everyone's supposed to get in line for and write his name down for 2008? Moments like these say a lot. And McCain didn't rise to the occasion. Maybe it won't matter in the long campaign, but it was not an auspicious moment for him.

Update: Read Jean Rohe's comments today to see how brilliant she was and is for what she did as a student commencement speaker at the New School...