Saturday, May 20, 2006

More from the McCain speech spectacle

(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Graduates at New School Heckle Speech by McCain - New York Times. Yeah they did. A bit more from the student speaker, Jean Sara Rohe, 21:
"Senator McCain will tell us today that dissent and disagreement are our civic and moral obligation in times of crisis, and I agree," she said. "I consider this a time of crisis, and I feel obligated to speak."

She continued, "Senator McCain will also tell us about his strong-headed self-assuredness in his youth, which prevented him from hearing the ideas of others, and in so doing he will imply that those of us who are young are too naïve to have valid opinions.

"I am young, and although I don't profess to possess the wisdom that time affords us, I do know that pre-emptive war is dangerous and wrong," she said. (emphasis added)
Can I just say, that middle statement I highlighted is just brilliant...way to put that patronizing McCain put down in its rightful place.