Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A must read today

A very lively and riveting e-mail exchange posted at E&P today where Joe Galloway the retiring military affairs reporter for Knight Ridder takes on Rumsfeld's spokesman, Larry DiRita. The issue? Rumsfeld's competence. A sense of it:
On May 3, Galloway sent this missive (the exchanges that follow apparently all come from that day): “The army you describe as ‘so much more capable’ than it was 5 or 10 years ago is, in fact, very nearly broken. another three years of the careful attention of your boss ought to just about finish it off. this is not the word from your anonymous officers; this is from my own observations in the field in iraq and at home on our bases and in the military schools and colleges.

“you can sit there all day telling me that pigs can fly, with or without lipstick, and i am not going to believe it. seemingly the reverse is also true. one of us is dead wrong and i have a good hunch that it would be you. you go flying blind through that forest and you are going to find those trees for sure.

“whether or not paul van riper has ever met Secretary Rumsfeld is not at issue. one does not have to be a personal acquaintance to find that a public figure's policies and conduct of his office are wanting. Secretary Rumsfeld spent a good number of years as the CEO of various large corporations. He knows about being responsible for the bottom line in that line of work. So too is he responsible in his current line of work; actually even more so given the stakes involved. So grasp that concept harder, friend Larry. Urge your boss to step up to the plate and admit it when he's gotten it wrong at least as quickly as he steps up to run those famous victory laps with Gen Meyer back in the spring of '03.”
There's more there too, check it out for yourself. Good for Galloway.