Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Nice try

Rove blames Bush's low approval on Iraq :
"Presidential adviser Karl Rove blamed the war in Iraq on Monday for dragging down President Bush's job approval ratings in public opinion polls. 'People like this president,' Rove said. 'They're just sour right now on the war.'" (emphasis added)
A typical statement. It rolls off his silver tongue at the time and no one pays much attention to what he's really getting at. People somehow focus on the easy part, that people like the President. So the conversation ends up being about Bush's likeability. Nice try, Karl. I think this entire sentence may be one of the key ideas he wanted to drop yesterday.

So, what does he mean by saying people are "just sour right now on the war?" Is he trying to de-link Bush from the war? As in, people like him, it's just this nasty little inconvenient war that's going on that's the real problem...otherwise people would love him. Well, it's a pretty big elephant in the room, isn't it Karl? Try as you might to make it sound as if Bush is an innocent victim of a war gone wrong. No one will be forgetting any time soon the manipulated intelligence, the leaked intelligence, the incompetent decision-making, the terrible costs...although it certainly looks like a giant disappearing act is in the offing...