Friday, May 26, 2006

RNC North: media control

Harper's media control strategy in trouble:
"Globe editor-in-chief Edward Greenspon said that 'for the time being, with the newspaper industry having a chance to gather in Halifax this weekend and consider the PMO's obstinacy on the issue, we aren't going to participate in a process that we think might give undo influence to government to determine who can and who cannot ask questions.'

Mr. Greenspon and executives from other newspapers are attending a scheduled meeting of the Canadian Newspaper Association in Halifax where the issue is likely to prompt discussion.

'We want to consider the issue a little bit and hopefully negotiate a solution that is reasonable to all sides, keeping uppermost in our minds the need for a free press, unfettered by officials,' Mr. Greenspon said in a telephone interview. 'If what the Prime Minister is looking for is a more orderly process, we are happy to work with him to come up with a more orderly process. But his remarks [in London on Wednesday] suggest he is also looking at control and we aren't comfortable with anything in which the press would be controlled.'"
No good can come of this. Once again, they seem to be fashioning their media strategy on the Bush precedent by calling on reporters from lists which must be pre-approved. In doing so, they choose media coverage that's "favourable" to them. Greenspon is telling him it's not going to fly. So we'll see, but why a new government would be picking fights with the media is beyond me...