Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rove's grand plans have gone awry

"The downgrading of Karl Rove":
"He wanted to use the culture wars to turn socially conservative blacks and Latinos into Republicans, and use Social Security reform to entice young people into the Republican fold. And he wanted to use the Medicare prescription bill to buy support among the growing crowds of the elderly.

But rather than overseeing an electoral realignment, he now has to try to avoid a looming electoral meltdown.

How many blacks are likely to vote Republican after the Hurricane Katrina fiasco? And how many Hispanics are likely to do so now that Congressman Tom Tancredo and other nativist Republicans have advocated felonizing illegal immigrants and keeping them out with a wall?

Rove's job is no longer to extend Republican power. It is to prevent conservative activists from abandoning the party in November."
It could very well be that the whole grand scheme comes crashing down, perhaps with a Democratic sweep back into power in November, or as a result of own partisan excess should he end up indicted. That would be a real shame...