Saturday, May 20, 2006

Those kids of today

"Make Poetry, Not War," Maureen Dowd's column today, includes some comments made by a student speaker at their commencement, in the presence of :
First, Mr. McCain and the New School's president, Bob Kerrey, were slapped around by a student speaker, Jean Sara Rohe, a 21-year-old from Nutley, N.J., who sang a lyric from a peace song and then abandoned her original remarks to talk about the "outrage" over Mr. McCain's speaking gig.

"The senator does not reflect the ideals upon which this university was founded," Ms. Rohe said, adding: "I am young, and although I don't profess to possess the wisdom that time affords us, I do know that pre-emptive war is dangerous and wrong."

She continued: "And I know that despite all the havoc that my country has wrought overseas in my name, Osama bin Laden still has not been found, nor have those weapons of mass destruction."
That takes a lot of guts, to make a statement like that, as a 21 year-old in front of such luminaries who would clearly be attracting a lot of media attention. Kid's got chutzpah!

And we have a new word, those of us on the McCain watch. I have called his grand suck-up extravaganza to the extreme right an "odyssey," among other things...but perhaps we have a better word courtesy of Maureen Dowd:
Mr. McCain's panderthon grew even more absurd this week. He let the Wyly brothers — the Texas businessmen who financed a $2.5 million ad campaign in 2000 trashing his environmental record, a move that enraged Mr. McCain and spurred him to call the Wylys W.'s "sleazy Texas buddies" — hold a fund-raiser for him in Dallas. (emphasis added)
Yeah, I think our vocabulary on this will continue to expand as McCain continues to do his straddling thing...warms the cockles of my heart to know that he's made up with the Wyly brothers, by the way...