Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday Rove watch

was on the Hill yesterday, addressing congressional Republicans on immigration and cracking the whip.

Noted at the end of the article, was this:
Rove, who is the subject of an investigation into the leaked name of a covert CIA operative, did not address that case during his remarks yesterday.
Just thinking about Rove's travels this week. Address to the American Enterprise Institute on Monday, an organization to which he's had longstanding ties. Nostalgically speaking of reading their newsletters while on the mailing list as a young man. Bookends his speech with this note:
Maybe there is out there some young college student today reading an AEI study on telecom deregulation who will be inspired by the world of conservative ideas.

I was fortunate to have been in that position myself a long, long time ago.
Interestingly retrospective remark.

Wednesday, addressing Republicans at large on the Hill.

Kind of has the feel of a farewell tour to me...but hey, we humble bloggers just don't know, do we?