Saturday, June 17, 2006

Rove in the limelight

Here, in the Washington Post today: Fall Elections Are Rove's Next Test. Now that, praise be, he is not indicted (how low can Bush's White House standards go?), his grand plans to divide and conquer Democrats are all the buzz in Washington. And we hear, he's also turning his mind to Bush's legacy:
Beyond campaigns, Rove has put aides on notice that his focus is also Bush's presidential legacy. At a meeting of senior White House staffers this month, one official recalled, budget director Rob Portman suggested in the course of discussing some issues that time was limited. "We've only got so much time left," Portman said.

"Wait," Rove interrupted. "We've got a lot of time left. Jack Kennedy's whole presidency was 2 1/2 years."
Well, just one little problem here, . Do I really need to say it, or isn't it quite obvious what I'm thinking after reading Rove's quote?

In the words of the late Lloyd Bentsen, "W, you're no Jack Kennedy."